Happy vs. Unhappy: The New MacBooks

2008-10-15 06:29:06 -08:00


  • Glass trackpad is intriguing. And they finally killed the button, which had long been unnecessary. Now I just want an external USB one of these, for my Mac Pro.

  • Unification of the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines. The new MacBook is just the 13.3″ MacBook Pro. (But only a partial unification: the low-end plastic MacBook is still available.)

  • Finally, a new Cinema Display with its own camera.

  • And, on the same display, a built-in MacBook power adapter!


  • Still no 12″ MacBook Pro. (Actually, considering the lines’ convergence, a 12″ MacBook would be OK now.)

    Remember the 12″ PowerBook G4? I want an Intel version. That’s all.

  • The glass screen could be heavy. Then again, LCDs are glass anyway. So, did they remove the plastic protection in front of the LCD, or did they replace it so that there’s now glass in front of glass? (Regardless of the reason, the new 15″ MBP weighs 0.04 kg more than the previous 15″ MBP.)

  • No more anti-glare screens. I’m sure somebody will come out with an anti-glare stick-on (I have one on my iPod touch), and that it will be a popular accessory.

  • Not sure about this new entire-trackpad-is-a-button thing. Tap-to-click was nice and quiet. I hope the new trackpads will still allow it as an option.

  • Adapting between DVI and DisplayPort may be a pain.

2 Responses to “Happy vs. Unhappy: The New MacBooks”

  1. Jesper Says:

    a) I hope you mean “tap-to-click” and not “click-to-tap” (what!?).
    b) Yes, they have that.

  2. Peter Hosey Says:

    (a) I did mean tap-to-click. Thanks. ☺
    (b) Ah, good.

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