New Mercurial extension: Bitbucket Extension

2008-09-29 21:29:05 -08:00

If you’ve ever used Bazaar, you know that one of its features is a shorthand URL scheme for referring to Bazaar repositories on Launchpad. For example, to clone Sparkle’s main repository:

% bzr clone lp:sparkle

I’ve created an extension that enables you to do the same thing in Mercurial with Bitbucket repositories.

% hg clone bb://boredzo/bitbucketextension

The Bitbucket extension adds two URL schemes: bb:, and bb+ssh:. The bb: scheme communicates with Bitbucket over HTTPS; you can guess what bb+ssh does.

(Note: As of Mercurial 1.0.2, you must include the double-slash, because hg pull will interpret the URL as a relative path without it.)

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  1. Colin Barrett Says:

    Great work!

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