Report-an-Apple-Bug Friday! 53

2007-03-30 15:49:56 UTC

(Experienced DOTB readers know that when I say RaABF, it was filed today, whereas when I say only ABF, it was filed previously.)

This bug is QuickTime Player, QuickTime, or QTKit should put off sleep during playback. It was filed on 2007-03-30 at 11:45 PDT.


When playing back a movie in QuickTime Player, the computer may go to sleep.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open a movie in QuickTime Player that is longer than your sleep time (as set in Energy Saver prefs).
  2. Begin playing the movie.
  3. Eat popcorn.
  4. Get to the good part.

Expected Results:

The good guy catches the bad guy by the ankle, stopping him from leaping off the roof of the building, and a fistfight ensues that results in the bad guy being arrested for laundering teddy bears.

Actual Results:

The computer goes to sleep.


Mac OS versions of QuickTime (at least MoviePlayer) didn’t have this problem. This is new in the Mac OS X version of QuickTime Player, though I don’t know how new.


The problem can be solved by calling IdleControl every so often.

Ideally, QuickTime Player would retrieve the sleep times (display, hard disk, and computer), find the shortest time, subtract one second, and call IdleControl that often. I don’t know whether there’s an API for that, however.


Jiggle the mouse periodically.

At 16:40 PDT, I added the following information:

By IdleControl, I meant UpdateSystemActivity. It’s been awhile since I looked at that function. ☺

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