Regarding Apple Bug Friday

2006-03-11 19:17:00 UTC

I’ve developed quite a backlog of bugs and feature requests to file. so I’m going to do ABF differently, at least for awhile.

You’re used to seeing my ABF posts titled “Report-an-Apple-bug Friday! N” (for N = 1–∞). Henceforth, a post so titled means that the bug was filed with Apple that day (which is consistent with all my ABFs so far). But, starting today, I’ll also file bugs on days other than Friday, so as to whittle down my backlog and give Apple that much extra lead time to fix these. Blog posts for such bug reports will be titled “Apple Bug Friday! N”. This tells you that the bug was filed previously, and is only now being blogged because today is a Friday.

The “Apple bug Friday!” posts will come at a rate of one per week, except when two or more bugs are similar (for example, I have a couple of kevent bugs to report that will be doubled up on next Friday). And if I find a new bug, and it happens to be on a Friday, I’ll do another “Report-an-Apple-bug Friday!” post.

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