Amadeus Pro’s noise-removal filter

2010-02-11 08:21:59 -08:00

Many of you may remember an audio editor named Amadeus II. It turns out that there is a successor to it now, named Amadeus Pro.

One of Amadeus Pro’s features is the ability to remove noise, quickly and simply. Find, within the audio, a patch of nothing but noise, and choose “Sample Noise”. This trains the filter for that audio. Then, select the whole thing (or nothing), and choose “Suppress Noise”.

That’s it. Sample Noise, then Suppress Noise.

Here’s the result, as demonstrated by a 12-second clip from a recording, ripped from cassette, of Haydn’s Symphony #49, “La Passione”:

(This is actually from a quiet section; I amplified it before filtering it so that you can hear the hiss at the start.)

That’s not to say that it only works on music. I’m also using it on the audio for forthcoming CocoaHeads Lake Forest videos.

This feature alone is worth the $40 for this application.

Before anybody mentions Audacity: Yes, Audacity has a Noise Removal tool, but it lacks the It Just Works factor of Amadeus’s noise-remover. Audacity gives you three settings to think about, with names only an audio engineer could love. (“Frequency smoothing”?!) In Amadeus, all you need to tell it is “here’s what noise sounds like. Go kill it.” This (plus a native Mac OS X interface) is worth the money to me.

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