The trilogy is now complete

2010-01-23 22:07:04 -08:00

The third video of last month’s meeting is now up. Here are three easy-to-remember links:


You’ll notice that the third video is not CHLF2009Leaks3.

Unlike the other two, this one features Scott Ellsworth, our organizer, demonstrating the Web Inspector in WebKit. He starts off in Safari, then switches over to Chrome. He also talks about a profiling tool that’s part of Google Web Toolkit called Speed Tracer, although he wasn’t able to finish a demo of it in time for the meeting, so he talks about one of the examples instead.

I don’t think I’ll link these here anymore. If you want to find out about future CocoaHeads Lake Forest videos, subscribe to the CocoaHeads Lake Forest channel on Vimeo.

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