finder, a command-line tool

2010-01-24 00:07:48 UTC

Today’s Ship-It Saturday is a command-line interface to the Finder.

The two most useful commands are:

  • finder reveal file, which will select the file in a Finder window, and
  • finder update (or updated) file, which will tell the Finder that the file has been updated.

The latter command probably is not too useful anymore, but the command-line tool should work on no less than 10.4, and could probably be recompiled for even older versions of Mac OS X, so you may still have a use for it.

2 Responses to “finder, a command-line tool”

  1. Sören 'chucker' Kuklau Says:

    Is ‘finder reveal’ different from ‘open -R’?

  2. Peter Hosey Says:

    Yes, in that I knew about finder reveal. ;)

    So I guess there’s pretty much no reason for finder to exist now, except as an easier way to quit and relaunch the Finder from the command line. Even so, thanks.

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