Free music round-up 2009

2010-01-01 19:51:13 UTC

At the end of March of last year, I predicted that I would download more than 11,000 free songs in that year.

The final tallies are in.

I downloaded and added 11,466 free songs within 2009. At the stroke of midnight, I was still catching up on my backlog of Chromewaves; once I’d finished, I had a total of 11,554 free songs that had been published in 2009.

Either way, I met my prediction: I downloaded and added more than 11,000 songs, approximately doubling-and-a-half my library from its size at the start of 2009, for free. (I did buy some music as well, easing my conscience.)

I’ve refined my stable of sources over the past year. Here’s my current list of subscriptions:

Naturally, I also download all of the free songs on iTunes and free songs on Amazon every Tuesday.

For those of you who’d like to follow these sources in your feed reader:

File: Music sources.opml.bz2 Music-sources.opml.bz2

An OPML file of all of the RSS feeds of these sources (except iTunes, Amazon, and Spinner). In Vienna, choose “Import Subscriptions” from the File menu.

UPDATE 2010-01-16: Added New Weird Australia to the list.

2 Responses to “Free music round-up 2009”

  1. mdmunoz Says:

    What about Jamendo? Everything posted there is cc licensed and therefore downloadable for free. I’ve found a few good albums there, though filtering through it all is a bit daunting.

    Also, 8bitpeoples and 8bitcollective if you like chiptunes.

  2. Peter Hosey Says:

    I’d never heard of it. It looks interesting; thanks.

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