Ship-It Saturday: Translate Text

2009-12-27 00:19:47 UTC

Real artists ship.

Steve Jobs

With the idea that an application that’s 95% finished and in active use is better than an application waiting for 100% in the seclusion of my hard drive, Ship-It Saturday is where I dust off a program that I have 95% finished, call it done, and just ship it already. I hope to make this a regular feature, although I have no idea how frequently I’ll do it.

Today’s winner is Translate Text, an app I wrote to make handling Adium feedback emails easier. Just select some text, then choose the service corresponding to the language it’s in (or the auto-detect-language-and-then-translate service). A window will open with the original, a couple of language pop-up menus, and the translation.

Screenshot of myself invoking the French-to-English service through a contextual menu.

More information, both screenshots, and the downloads at the Translate Text web page.

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