ClickToFlash 1.1+boredzo

2009-01-29 22:45:02 -08:00

My fork of Jonathan Rentzsch’s adopted WebKit plug-in lives on, as I release my version of ClickToFlash 1.1.

So far, he has not pulled any of my changes into his tree, so the list of features unique to my version has only grown:

  • It loads the Flash movie on mouse-up, not mouse-down, giving you a chance to back out by moving your mouse cursor off of the movie placeholder.

  • It changes to a concave appearance when you press the mouse on the placeholder, making it look, as well as act, more like a button.

  • It has a better (IMO) click-to-play image. (Screenshots on the other post.)

  • It adds a separator menu item to the contextual menu. (New in 1.1+boredzo, and the menu itself is new in 1.1)

  • It adds a “Copy address” menu item to the contextual menu (along with another separator). (New in 1.1+boredzo)

  • It incorporates Jason Foreman’s fix for websites such as According to him, that simple change fixes ClickToFlash on a lot of websites; I can vouch for it on, at least. (New in 1.1+boredzo)


The installer application, source code, and MIT license.

9 Responses to “ClickToFlash 1.1+boredzo”

  1. Jonathan Wight Says:

    Hopefully Wolf will add you as a committer on his original project.

    Forks of software are annoying (for users).

  2. Christopher Bowns Says:

    Looks like he pulled a few of your changes in 1.2. Update the post to match, or post something new about 1.2?

  3. Don Self Says:

    How do you uninstall this?

  4. Peter Hosey Says:

    Don Self: Open the /Library/Internet Plug-ins folder and move the plug-in to the Trash. You’ll need to quit all your WebKit-based browsers to be able to empty the Trash.

  5. Jason Says:

    Great plug-in, I find it really useful. Is there something like this for Firefox as well?

  6. Peter Hosey Says:


  7. Jesper Says:

    Peter: It’s easier to just launch the Installer to remove it.

  8. Brett Epps Says:

    It would be cool if there was an option to only enable ClickToFlash when running on battery power, for those who just want to keep Flash from lowering their battery life.

  9. Niche Says:

    The original clicktoflash plugin is now at version 1.3 and includes most (if not all) of the changes made in boredzo’s custom version. Here is the link:

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