A note about ClickToFlash 1.2

2009-01-31 08:58:42 UTC

Christopher Bowns pointed out (thanks!) that Jonathan Rentzsch released ClickToFlash 1.2 yesterday.

This is the first version that incorporates any significant features from my fork. Specifically:

  • It now loads the Flash movie on mouse-up, not mouse-down.
  • It now draws the ClickToFlash view as concave when the mouse is down and within its bounds.
  • It now has a separator item in the contextual menu.

The first two of these came from my tree, a fact that I am very happy about. The last one he pulled from Troy Gaul’s tree instead, but it makes no difference, as it’s just an element in a xib document.

If you’re using 1.1+boredzo, you don’t need to upgrade. My version of 1.1 has all the features of his 1.2, plus the “Copy Address” contextual menu item and, of course, my own click-to-play symbol.

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  1. ssp Says:

    Now I wonder how long it takes until someone realises that placing the Flash logo in the middle of the gradient isn’t all that smart as is means it may not be visible immediately when a page is loaded – thus displaying on a mysterious gradient. While not prettier, something like a bunch of red exclamation marks at the top would seem more useful.

    Didn’t get to try your features yet. Blame my resistance to actually wanting to look at Flash stuff for that…

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