How to make a 512-px version of the Network icon

2008-02-02 11:32:10 UTC

You will go from the pure-blue .Mac icon……to the purplish-gray Network icon.

UPDATE 2008-01-02: Ahruman commented that you can just use NSNetwork in IconGrabber. No need to go through all these steps and fake one.

If you’ve ever needed a high-resolution version of the Network icon for anything, you may have noticed that Mac OS X does not ship with one. When you select the Network and Copy it, then create a new document from the clipboard in Preview or Acorn, the largest size available is 128-px.

Fortunately, the .Mac icon is available in 512-px, and you can easily change it into the Network icon.

You will, of course, need Leopard (for no other version of Mac OS X has 512-px icons).

  1. Obtain the built-in image NSImageNamedDotMac in either Core Image Fun House or Acorn.
  2. Apply a Hue Adjust filter: +5°.
  3. Apply a Color Controls filter: Saturation × 0.25.

The easiest way to get the .Mac image is IconGrabber. Enter the name “NSDotMac”, then click Draw, then set the size to 512×512, then save. (Note: On an Intel Mac, you’ll need to build from source, because the pre-built version for PowerPCs doesn’t run on Intel for some reason.)

2 Responses to “How to make a 512-px version of the Network icon”

  1. Ahruman Says:

    Erm… if I create an NSImageView in IB and set the image to NSNetwork, I get a 512×512 icon.

    *checks* Yep, works with IconGrabber too.

  2. Peter Hosey Says:

    Ahruman: Erk. How’d I miss that?

    Thanks. I’ll update the post.

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