Random function-key changes

2007-08-08 03:42:21 -08:00

Previous assignment of function keys:

Key Function
F9 All windows
F10 This application’s windows
F11 Reveal Desktop
F12 Dashboard and Eject

This made (some) sense as the explanation for iLife 2008’s refusal to allow you to assign these keys to its functions.

New assignment of function keys on otherwise-yummy new keyboards (yes, both of them):

Key Function
F1 Decrease screen brightness
F2 Raise it
F3 Exposé (probably all windows), though it looks like it could just as easily summon a gallery app or iWeb or Stickies
F4 Dashboard, though Activity Monitor would be a reasonable definition for this key’s icon as well
F7 Previous track
F8 Playpause*
F9 Next track
F10 Toggle mute
F11 Decrease volume
F12 Raise volume


* As named in iTunes’ AppleScript dictionary.

3 Responses to “Random function-key changes”

  1. Jeff Johnson Says:

    WTF, Apple? F9, F10, and F11 have been standard ever since Exposé was released. Why, why, why? (By the way, F12 has been Dashboard by default on all of our computers.)

  2. Jens Ayton Says:

    Additionally, on the extended USB keyboards, F14 and F15 are brightness up/down. If you use a PC keyboard, Scroll Lock and one of the other weird ones are interpreted as F14/F15 and have this effect.

    However, the existence of a “fn” key on both keyboards suggests the new functions are not triggered by the F# key codes but by separate key codes as per a portable keyboard, not that I expect many users to get this distinction. Ah well, a key that appears to do nothing is better than the actively-unhelpful Help key it replaces on the USB version.

  3. Peter Hosey Says:

    Jeff: Ah, right. I always disable Dashboard, so I’m more used to it only being Eject.

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