Mac app checklist in TaskPaper format

2007-08-08 16:12:51 -08:00

TaskPaper is a to-do list app from Hog Bay Software. It’s currently free during its public beta. Its main stand-apart feature is its plain-text document format.

I’ve just created a TaskPaper version of my Mac app checklist, to make it easier for you to follow it for each application you make. You can download it in plain format or stationery format.

UPDATE 18:06 PDT: I just added the Info.plist key names for the check-your-Info.plist item, so if you’re missing those, you should redownload the file(s).

UPDATE 19:48 PDT: I also just added the sub-items of the ReadMe item. Again, if you downloaded it earlier, you should get a fresh copy.

UPDATE 21:54 PDT: Added advice to choose Prevent Editing from TextEdit’s Format menu.

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