People I’ve met at WWDC

2007-06-14 22:25:59 UTC

This is a partial list until Friday night, but it’s worth posting now because of all the people I met at the WWDC Bash.

Where possible, I’ve also listed their IRC nickname.

Adium-related people I met at WWDC

Other people I met at WWDC

  • Karl Adam (PantherMachina)
  • Dave Batton [Added Friday, though I met him before the Keynote]
  • Ken Ferry (kongtomorrow)
  • Andy Kim [Added Friday]
  • Paul Kim (mr_noodle) [Added Friday, though I met him after the Keynote]
  • Devin Lane (DevG5)
  • Gus Mueller (ccgus) [Added Friday]
  • Scott Stevenson [Added Friday; I’d met him previously at CocoaHeads]
  • Many Adium fans (thanks for your kind words, everyone!)

Bloggers I met at the WWDC Bash

Bloggers I met at CocoaHeads

The audience was SRO, so David and I (along with Devin and Michael Gorbach) just went off to The Studio and hacked code. After the meeting, I went up to Scott, and we shook hands and that was it. My guess is that it was a busy night and he wanted sleep.

People I’ve seen at WWDC, but did not talk to

People I saw at the WWDC Bash, but did not talk to

  • john calhoun
  • Martin Ott (I think he saw my Adium shirt and said “look, Adium!”, but it could just be wishful hearing, considering Ozomatli was blaring at the time)
  • Some other people I’m totally blanking on

3 Responses to “People I’ve met at WWDC”

  1. Simone Manganelli Says:

    Too bad I couldn’t go to WWDC even though I live really close to SF. Oh well.

  2. Scott Stevenson Says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t hang around longer. We ran right up to the wire, and they wanted to close the store, so my main focus was getting everyone out of the theatre and outside. Great meeting you!

  3. Blake C. Says:

    It was great to meet you, though I regret not buying you any beers. There’s always next year, or maybe C4[1]…

    Keep in touch :)

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