The well-hidden documentation of Core Audio

2007-06-17 17:45:54 UTC

Ordinarily, I’d post this on, but this isn’t on and I don’t think allows file: URLs.

Most use of Core Audio goes through Audio Units, but the Audio Unit API has historically been undocumented. Today, I finally found the Audio Unit documentation. Turns out that, rather than being in the /Developer/ADC\ Reference\ Library/Documentation folder (where you would expect documentation to be), it’s hidden in the /Developer/Examples folder. This documentation is so good (damn near production-quality) that I feel like I’ve struck a rich vein of gold ore.

WTF, Apple?

3 Responses to “The well-hidden documentation of Core Audio”

  1. Kevin Perry Says:

    Did you file a bug about it?

  2. Peter Hosey Says:

    No, not yet. I definitely should add it to my list, though.

  3. Erick Tejkowski Says:

    My memory is fuzzy, but the reason this is so might be historical. The CoreAudio SDK kind of came out in dribs and drabs, including a long stretch of “this is not official documentation” warnings. I don’t recall what the downloads looked like, but there is a chance that they were drag and drop folders on a dmg.

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