Apple Bug Friday! 51

2007-03-16 23:05:40 -08:00

This bug is System-wide AXUIElement’s role desc is “need to implement”. It was filed on 2007-03-09 at 13:39 PST.


Asking the role description of the system-wide AXUIElement always gets the string “need to implement”.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create the system-wide AXUIElement using AXUIElementCreateSystemWide.
  2. Copy its role description by passing the AXUIElement from step 1, and kAXRoleDescriptionAttribute, to AXUIElementCopyAttributeValue.

Expected Results:

The variable to which you directed the output of AXUIElementCopyAttributeValue accurately describes the role of the system-wide AXUIElement (which role, for easy reference, is “AXSystemWide”).

Actual Results:

The variable contains the string “needs to implement”, seemingly unconditionally.


None known. This has existed in at least several Tiger versions (possibly all of them), but I’ve never tried it in Panther.


The docs for kAXRoleDescriptionAttribute say that it is localized, so I tried changing my preferred language in the International pane of System Preferences and re-running the test case. It still says “need to implement”.

A test case is included. Simply hit ⌘R in Xcode; the output will appear in the Run Log. If you prefer to not use Xcode, type this into a Terminal (all one line):

xcodebuild && build/*/AXSystemUIElementRoleDescTest

The test case is AXSystemUIElementRoleDescTest.tbz.

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