Handy svn technique

2006-11-29 15:56:02 -08:00

Easy way to create a repo and then immediately make your existing source code (foo) into a checkout:

  1. % svnadmin create foo_repo
  2. % mkdir foo_wc foo_wc/branches foo_wc/tags
  3. % mv foo foo_wc/trunk
  4. % svn co foo_repo foo_wc (Note that svn co requires a URL.)
  5. % cd foo_wc
  6. % svn add *
  7. % svn ci

Yes, that’s right: This doesn’t use svn import at all. svn import, in fact, is useless, since (a) it doesn’t give you a WC you can then operate on (you have to check it out again), and (b) it doesn’t let you do multiple things with the commit (e.g. create branches and tags directories at the top level of the repo; you would have to do a second commit).

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