1095 and still counting

2006-11-29 15:39:32 UTC

Since -11-14, I’ve been intentionally letting the spam comments pile up to see just how many I’ll get in a month. I had over 500 in a week. I just looked, and currently I have:

“Comments in moderation (1,095) »”

By coincidence, this is 15 days — half a month — after I started. And yes, they are all spams; as most of you know, real people approve their own comments by email (I love that plug-in!).

-12-14, I’ll report my total and see about stopping the influx. My current prediction is that I will have around 2100.

3 Responses to “1095 and still counting”

  1. Jeff Johnson Says:

    Have you tried the plugin Bad Behavior? It stops a lot of spammers from even connecting to your site in the first place.

  2. Peter Hosey Says:

    I’ve heard of it, but am turned off by its lack of description of exactly what it does. Same goes for Akismet.

    I plan on renaming the comments PHP file (a lot of blind entries to it according to my Webalizer stats). If that doesn’t work, I’ll install some sort of are-you-capable-of-primitive-thought plug-in like “Did you pass math?”.

  3. Jeff Johnson Says:

    Let us (or me) know how renaming the comments file works.

    Akismet is pretty safe, because it waits 15 days before automatically deleting the spam. You can review it in a queue before then. I’ve never seen a false positive.

    There’s a decent amount of information about Bad Behavior on the web site. I’ve done a little poking around in the code, and it seems sound. (I did turn off the ‘black hole list’ checking.) I’ve been using it on my blog without any problems.

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