ISO 8601 parser, version 0.4

2006-08-31 00:14:01 -08:00

I’ve released version 0.4 of my ISO 8601 parser and unparser.

Colin noticed that 0.3 didn’t work so well for parsing the datestamp in the filename on an Adium log file (those datestamps being in ISO 8601 format). You see, Adium generates the filename with a ‘.’ instead of a ‘:’, since ‘:’ is special on HFS/HFS+. 0.3 expects a ‘:’ and only a ‘:’.

So I added new methods that take a time-separator character. Now you can pass ‘.’ (or anything else, except NUL) when you need to. The old methods are still around, in case you don’t. This is the case, for example, for datestamps inside a chatlog file, as opposed to in its filename.

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