Whoa, what happened to Monaco 9?

2006-07-06 21:40:00 -08:00

A C source file, viewed in Monaco 9, in SimpleText in Mac OS 9.2.1.
The same C source file, viewed in Monaco 9, in TextEdit in Mac OS X 10.4.6.

I think they got rid of the screen font. It’s just using the outline font now.

Wow. Just… wow.

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13 Responses to “Whoa, what happened to Monaco 9?”

  1. Sören 'chucker' Kuklau Says:

    I just set TextMate to Monaco 9, non-anti-aliased. Looks like your above screenshot to me. 10.4.7 on Intel.

    Speaking of strange fonts, the window title of your OS X shot looks strangely thin. Are you using a theme?

  2. Mac-arena the Bored Zo Says:

    It’s Helvetica 12. I decided to use OS X in retro mode for awhile – Helvetica was also the system font in NeXTStep, although it wasn’t anti-aliased back then.

  3. Simone Manganelli Says:

    So what’s going on with your Monaco 9, then? My Monaco 9 also looks like the top window, not the bottom one.

  4. Mac-arena the Bored Zo Says:

    Odd. When you go to Font Book and get info on Monaco, what does it say is its location?

  5. Simone Manganelli Says:

    I have duplicate Monaco fonts: one is at /System Folder/Fonts/Monaco (it’s from Mac OS 9), version 3.0, and the other is at /System/Library/Fonts/Monaco.dfont , version 5.1d1e1. Even if I disable the Mac OS 9 font, though, I still get text that looks like the top window.

    Does this only happen in a specific application, or does it happen across all applications?

  6. Sören 'chucker' Kuklau Says:

    My Font Book says Monaco resides in /System/Library/Fonts, where I would expect it to be. When forced to size 9, Font Book also displays Monaco exactly the way I remember it from System 7.

  7. Mac-arena the Bored Zo Says:

    Simone: I think you nailed it. It’s only in TextEdit. TextWrangler displays it correctly, and Adium (weirdly enough) displays it correctly except that the lowercase ‘o’ is squished from its left and right sides.

    Weird. Very weird.

  8. jeff Says:

    It displays like your top window for me in TextEdit. I only have one version of Monaco, at /System/Library/Fonts/Monaco.dfont. I’m using 10.4.7 on PPC.

  9. Simone Manganelli Says:

    Bizarre, because TextEdit is the first app that I opened to test this out, and the font displays correctly for me in TextEdit.

  10. Simone Manganelli Says:

    OK, so after doing a bit of searching around, it seems that your “Monaco 9” looks strikingly like my “Andale Mono 10” with antialiasing turned off. Take a look:

    Andale Mono 10

    It’s not an exact match, as you can see some big differences in the symbols and numbers especially (#, *, %, , 0), as well as more minor differences in other characters (my i doesn’t have the bottom serif, my m is missing two pixels that yours has, etc). But it does seem to be quite close in overall appearance.

    Are you sure you didn’t accidentally set the font to Andale Mono?

  11. Mac-arena the Bored Zo Says:

    Yup. I’m not able to reproduce it now, though.

    Maybe I passed it to jeff through that screenshot. :D

  12. jeff Says:

    To clarify, in TextEdit it looks like the old Mac OS window at the top, not like the OS X window below, so mine is displaying correctly (if the old look is supposed to be the correct one, that is).

  13. Mac-arena the Bored Zo Says:

    jeff: Ah.

    Random oddness, then.

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