Apple bug Friday! 44

2006-06-30 00:24:00 -08:00

This bug is PackageMaker’s keyboard shortcuts are not consistent with Xcode’s. It was filed on 2006-05-19 at 02:28 PDT.

The list in the Notes section is adapted from another blog post of mine, Know your Xcode.


PackageMaker’s keyboard shortcuts for Build, Build Log, Run, and Run Log do not match up with Xcode’s shortcuts for the same commands.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Press ⇧⌘B.

Expected Results:

The Build Log appears.

Actual Results:



None known.


Xcode has a simple and elegant system for its keyboard shortcuts:

  • ⌘_ builds, then performs the action.
  • ⌘⌥_ performs the action without building. (Exception: Build’s keyboard shortcut is ⌘B, presumably because it is impossible to build without building.)
  • ⇧⌘_ shows the log for the action.

PackageMaker should adopt the same schema, both for its elegance and for uniformity with Xcode.

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