On writing Image Units

2006-01-11 01:05:50 UTC

Apple’s Core Image documentation doesn’t clearly state how to make a CPU-executable Image Unit, as opposed to a non-executable (GPU-only) one.

The answer is simple: Don’t make a .cikernel file. You should start with one when you’re running the validation tool over your Image Unit, but if you want to make a CPU-executable Image Unit (and please do, so I can use it on my Cube), move the kernel code into your Obj-C code once it compiles, and then delete the .cikernel file.

(BTW, yes, I am testing MarsEdit. Hence the two posts today. ;)

UPDATE 2008-02-18: I’ve since found out that, in fact, the definition of “non-executable” is more strict than that. The Core Image Programming Guide‘s chapter on Executable vs. Non-executable Filters provides a more exact definition:

  • This type of filter is a pure kernel, meaning that it is fully contained in a .cikernel file. As such, it doesn’t have a filter class and is restricted in the types of processing it can provide.

  • Sampling instructions of the following form are the only types of sampling instructions that are valid for a nonexecutable filter:

    color = sample (someSrc, samplerCoord(someSrc));
  • CPU nonexecutable filters must be packaged as part of an image unit.

  • Core Image assumes that the ROI coincides with the domain of definition. This means that nonexecutable filters are not suited for such effects as blur or distortion.

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