If you don’t have RSI, ergonomics are for you

2023-09-29 21:56:20 -08:00

This was originally posted as a tweet thread back in February 2022. For this Director’s Cut Extended Remix, I’ve added the photos and applied styling.

I used my laptop as a laptop for about an hour yesterday and my wrists still hurt. It’s fading but slowly.

So I guess I don’t get to do that anymore. Split keyboard+vertical mouse or nothing.

My Matias Ergo Pro two-piece keyboard, splayed out on a lap desk sitting on my chair.My Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Vertical Wireless mouse, on a printed mousepad background on a cutting board on the (mostly flat) arm of my chair.
2023 note: I’ve since replaced this keyboard with an ErgoDox EZ.

Maybe a split keyboard and vertical mouse seem like luxuries, because that’s their market position (the high end), but I promise you there’s nothing luxurious about this.

Really it’s more that there are keyboards and pointing devices that hurt people, and those that don’t.

But I use a one-piece keyboard and a regular mouse/trackball/trackpad and I’m fine!

Well, maybe. Or you’re not injured yet. Or not enough yet to notice without trying ergonomic hardware for a week and gauging the difference.

Ergo hardware can help you stay uninjured.

I cannot emphasize enough how important prevention is. How important it is to protect your hands before they’re injured.

You can’t un-injure them. You can only avoid injury… or not.

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