Things to look for when looking for an apartment

2015-07-09 07:00:41 -08:00

Inspired by my own apartment hunt last year.

In no particular order:

  • Cell reception
  • Hot water
  • Outlets: Are they grounded? Are they ALL grounded? Are they REALLY grounded?
  • Proximity to laundry (in-building? coin-op laundry nearby?)
  • How good said laundry is
  • How expensive said laundry is
  • Window directions (east-facing: warm mornings; west-facing: warm evenings)
  • Can windows be opened?
  • Can windows be blinded?
  • Trash/recycling/compost disposal: Where? How? Capacity/limits?
  • Noise
  • Access to cable TV/internet
  • Access to transit
  • Does the building have a twin? (If so, you have a random chance of a resident of that building entering the wrong building and trying to get into what they think is their apartment.)

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