NaNoDrawMo ten-minute challenge

2010-10-30 11:24:36 -08:00

Last year, a lot of us who attempted NaNoDrawMo, Steven Frank’s 50-drawings-in-one-month challenge, failed to meet the 50-drawing goal. I think I came up with 30… ish.

The problem is that drawing something takes so damned long that it’s hard to find time to do it.

Solution: Make it take less time!

I propose the following self-enforced constraint: Pick a subject, then draw as much of it as you can in ten minutes.

This should train us through trade-offs to realize which parts of the drawing are most important to communicating what it’s supposed to be. I won’t mind if you draw the same things multiple times in order to get it down—I’m sure I will.

In order to help you follow this ten-minute limit, I’ve created a timer. Start the timer, then start your drawing. When the bell rings, you’re done—scan it (if appropriate) and upload it to the group.

(Aside: The bell doesn’t work in MobileSafari. Anyone know how to fix it?)

I hope this will help each of us achieve a higher success rate in this year’s NaNoDrawMo.

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