My Amadeus Pro sonogram preset

2010-03-15 00:37:07 -08:00

When I do audio editing in Amadeus Pro, I find its Sonogram command useful. That command gives me a three-dimensional graph of frequency distribution through time:

Where x = time, y = frequency, and z = amplitude.

The default setting shows the z axis with a color gradient of white through orange through blue to cyan, which I found hard to read. What you see above is my variation on the built-in “Greyscales” preset: Just like a printout, white is dead, black is maxed.

The difference with my preset is that the original is linear, whereas mine is a curve. Here’s the preset editor, showing my preset:

The “Grayscale Nonlinear” preset.

Sampling the swatches in that screenshot will tell you that the five equally-spaced gradient stops are:

  1. White
  2. 50% gray
  3. 25% gray (at the halfway point)
  4. 12.5% gray
  5. Black

I’ve found that these settings make the spectrogram clearly readable without my having to fiddle with the “range” and “gain” sliders.

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