CocoaHeads Lake Forest videos

2010-01-18 22:34:24 -08:00

It’s been in editing for over a month, but now, it’s finally done. I’ve just uploaded the second part of last month’s meeting of CocoaHeads Lake Forest. There’s one more to go from last month, and then I can start posting the video from this month.

This one’s a lot more random than the first one. Portions of my own presentation are only part of what you’ll see in this video.

More long-term, I’ve created a channel on Vimeo for all past and future CocoaHeads LF videos.

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  1. adrian Says:

    CocoaHeads have more than a passing interest in Cocoa so I thought you would all be interested to hear what we have built. We are big fans of Cocoa and have created a new product called Bombax it is an advanced web application platform that has been developed specifically for the Mac OS X operating system and is the only web platform to take full advantage of Cocoa Please visit our website and take a look – I hope you like what you see. Best wishes Adrian

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