Adding Growl support to Mercurial

2009-04-01 07:32:08 -08:00

Add this to your ~/.hgrc file:

changegroup.growl = ((echo "$HG_URL" | grep -vF 'file:' > /dev/null) && growlnotify -n Mercurial 'Pull successful' -m "Pulled at least $(hg log --template='\n' -r$HG_NODE:tip | wc -l | sed -e 's/ //g') changesets from $HG_URL") || true
outgoing.growl = (test "x$HG_URL" '!=' 'x' && growlnotify -n Mercurial 'Push successful' -m "Pushed to $HG_URL") || true

It’s not perfect: Both notifications share the same notification name. As long as that isn’t a problem, this works fine.

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