Updates to “How to work with a bound-to array”

2008-12-03 05:24:25 UTC

Following an email conversation with Dave Dribin, I’ve updated my earlier post on how to work with a bound-to array.

The most critical update, and the reason for a new blog post to announce the update, is that you should not currently implement addObject: and removeObject: for an array property. KVO has a bug where it treats these as set accessors, even if the property is an array. This will result in crashes if you observe your object using plain KVO.

The workaround is to use indexed accessors:

[self insertObject:newFramistan inFramistansAtIndex:[self countOfFramistans]];

This is a little uglier than addFramistansObject:, but it doesn’t crash.

The other update is that you need to implement both accessors in a pair. For example, for insertObject:inKeyAtIndex: to work, you must also implement removeObjectFromKeyAtIndex: (and vice versa). Otherwise, KVO won’t override the one you did implement, so you won’t get notifications for it.

I’ve filed bugs for both of these, and I’ve linked to both bugs from the older post.

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