iTunes smart playlist: Music only

2008-11-23 23:03:40 -08:00

A smart playlist selecting items that are not podcasts, whose Kind does not contain “URL”, [v]“ideo”, or “movie”, that are not in the Audiobooks special playlist, and whose Genre does not contain “Comedy” or “Spoken Word”.

Some explanation:

  • Kind does not contain URL: Excludes streams
  • Kind does not contain ideo: Excludes music videos
  • Genre does not contain Comedy or Spoken Word: Excludes anything that isn’t actually music

3 Responses to “iTunes smart playlist: Music only”

  1. Colin Barrett Says:

    Add: Kind does not contain document: filters out any downloaded digital booklets or WWDC session slides.

  2. Brian Ganninger Says:

    Also helps to throw in Kind does not contain movie; filters out any random QuickTime movies.

  3. Peter Hosey Says:

    Brian: Those don’t show up in the Music category, so they don’t show up in Music Only, either.

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