UTI Property List Helper 1.0

2008-03-21 10:33:15 -08:00

For a forthcoming blog post, I was recently writing a test app that displays images. This had me once again slogging through the list of System-Declared Uniform Type Identifiers and assembling type declarations for the image types by hand.

I’m tired of doing that. So I wrote a new application called UTI Property List Helper.

The main window consists of a table view, in which you enter UTIs, and two text views displaying chunks of Info.plist XML data.

This application automatically updates the CFBundleDocumentTypes and UTImportedTypeDeclarations arrays in its window with information on the types you enter, obtained from Launch Services’ database of all types registered by any app on your system.

No more searching for that OSType, or leaving it out because it’s too much work—this app does all the grunt work for you. Enjoy.

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