Generating a tarball of your project

2008-02-08 17:48:21 -08:00

Every good version-control system has this as a built-in feature.

In the below, $TMP is a staging directory, such as “build”, “/tmp”, or “/Volumes/RAM Disk”. It’s also where the final archive will end up.

  • svn: Sort of. svn export $TMP/MyProject && cd $TMP && tar cjf MyProject.tbz MyProject
  • darcs: darcs dist (outputs a .tar.gz file in the current working directory)
  • bzr: bzr export --format=tbz2 $TMP/MyProject.tbz
  • git: git archive --format=tar master | bzip2 > $TMP/MyProject.tbz
  • hg: hg archive -p MyProject -t tbz2 $TMP/MyProject.tbz

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