2007-11-30 18:39:40 -08:00

  • To Brent Simmons and Mike Lee.
  • To Matt Drance, who gave me a ride back to my hotel tonight.
  • To Colin Barrett, who gave me a ride back to my hotel (more or less) on Tuesday. (We did not go directly to the hotel.)
  • To Bill Bumgarner, who brought 33 pounds of delicious pork. I think our row of tables needed two more to seat all the people who came for it.
  • To Blake C., who is still the biggest fan of this blag.
  • To everybody, who knew exactly what I was talking about every time I said “blag”. I loved that.
  • To Wil Shipley and Brent for picking up a couple of tabs.
  • To Brent, for supplying me with Yellow Cab’s phone number, so that I could call us a cab back to the hotel. Also for paying the fare.
  • To John Geleynse for the invitation, and to Evan Schoenberg for forwarding it on.
  • To everybody who helped me with stuff at the event (including, but not limited to, Deric Horn, Michael Jurewitz, and Peter Ammon).

Let me know if you did something for me this week and I forgot to thank you, or if you want me to remove you from the list for some reason.

3 Responses to “Thanks”

  1. Blake C. Says:

    Was great to see you again! Cheers :)

  2. Simone Manganelli Says:

    So what was this event that was happening up here in the Bay Area?

  3. Peter Hosey Says:

    Simone: It was an ADC Leopard Workshop. If you ever get an invitation to go to one of those, take it—it’s a lot of fun, and highly productive. ☺

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