I’ve been interviewed!

2007-10-08 23:06:43 -08:00

I don’t ordinarily post to my main blog with a link, but this isn’t my average link. ☺

Jonathan Allen (also known as grauenwolf on reddit) interviewed me about how I do code review on Adium, after I mentioned it in a comment thread on programming.reddit.

In the interview, I talk about why you should review your fellow developers’ code and how it works on Adium. I say it’s worth reading for anybody who works on a software project with other people.

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  1. Jeff Johnson Says:

    Interesting interview, Peter. Your idea about patch authors sounded good. I wish we had more of them. :-)

    We require all Vienna developers to subscribe to the commits list. That said, we’re not as ‘committed’ as you to reviewing each other’s code. It’s basically whenever we have time, like most of the project. Feel free to join. ;-)

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