Quicksilver + SVN = yum

2007-08-17 11:53:53 -08:00

Go directly to the plug-ins pane of your Quicksilver Preferences and install the Subversion module. Do not pass Go. Do not check out $200.

Best when combined with the comma trick.

So far, I’ve tried both add and ci, and they work in the obvious way. They even provide a notification (which goes through the Growl notifier for meā€”that’s another plug-in) with the command’s output.

2 Responses to “Quicksilver + SVN = yum”

  1. Andrew Says:

    On the QS site, it says that the plugin does not work with svn 1.4. Which version of svn are you using, out of interest?

  2. Peter Hosey Says:

    1.4.3. It works fine for me, but I haven’t tested it extensively, so maybe there’s some feature I haven’t tried yet that’s broken.

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