What’s in your menubar?

2007-06-23 12:28:04 UTC

Synapse forwards the question: What’s in your menubar?

Here's a screenshot.
Screenshot taken 2007-06-23.

From right to left:

  1. MenuCalendarClock
  2. User MenuExtra (AKA Fast User Switching)
  3. Volume MenuExtra
  4. Text Input MenuExtra
  5. Keychain MenuExtra
  6. MemMeter (MenuMeters)
  7. NetMeter (MenuMeters)
  8. URLWell
  9. Strings Menu (lets me insert strings from a list I’ve predefined; eventually I’ll port this to a service and release it)
  10. GrowlTunes
  11. (Not shown) Adium

Of course, that’s not nearly as bad as it used to be…

This is a much older screenshot.
Screenshot taken 2005-02-28.

  1. User
  2. Input
  3. Clock
  4. BCDClock (sorry; it fell off the web years ago)
  5. CPUMeter
  6. MemMeter
  7. DiskMeter
  8. PPP (yes, I was still on dial-up back then)
  9. NetMeter
  10. AirPort
  11. Keychain
  12. Classic
  13. RSSGrowl (which I abandoned shortly thereafter, as I remember it not working too well)
  14. VolumeNotifier (the functionality of which is now part of HardwareGrowler)
  15. GrowlTunes
  16. Magic Menu
  17. Adium

3 Responses to “What’s in your menubar?”

  1. Karsten Says:

    actually there’s no need for GrowlTunes in your menu bar. There’s a hidden preference that you can activate by creating com.Growl.GrowlTunes.plist in your prefs folder. Add the key: GrowlTunesWithoutMenu with the boolean value Yes to this file and you’re done…. after starting GrowlTunes, it’s invisible ;-)

    as for the rest….some look familiar to my menubar :-D


  2. Jesper Says:

    Synergy, Google Notifier, AirPort, Battery, Volume, Keyboard Layout [for access to Special Characters panel in dumb apps], datetime, FUS, Spotlight.

    No, not Monocle currently. Development mode – it goes in and out.

  3. Jesper Says:

    And yeah, Adium’s in there when it’s on, but it’s not, so it’s not.

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