Wit and wisdom from the manpages

2007-04-17 23:51:25 UTC

From man strftime:


There is no conversion specification for the phase of the moon.

Feel free to share your favorite manpage jokes in the comments. (I’ll do one for you: the obligatory tunefs joke.)

4 Responses to “Wit and wisdom from the manpages”

  1. Jordy/Jediknil Says:

    I saw on a recent man page “BUGS: This program has no bugs” or something along those lines, but I can’t find it now…

  2. Nicholas Riley Says:

    My favorite is the *BSD yes man page. In fact, the first thing I did after installing Mac OS X 10.0 was to open Terminal and type “man yes”.

  3. huwr Says:

    My favourite was the man pages for true and false on Linux (specifically, Debian). They said “do nothing, successfully” and “do nothing, unsuccessfully”.

    Gold. :-)

  4. Nacho Says:

    “man less” says that less is the opposite of more.

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