Apple Bug Friday! 50

2007-03-09 17:00:46 UTC

This bug is Setting a non-opaque window’s hasShadow to NO does not completely un-shadow it. It was filed on 2007-02-16 at 20:23 PST.


A window whose hasShadow is set to NO before it is ordered in has no shadow whatsoever, whereas a window whose hasShadow is set to NO after it is ordered in has merely a weaker shadow.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a window.
  2. Set its opaque to NO.
  3. Set its backgroundColor to a color whose alphaComponent < 1.
  4. Order it in.
  5. Set its hasShadow to NO.

Expected Results:

The window ceases to have any shadow whatsoever.

Actual Results:

The window’s shadow weakens, but does not completely go away.




Test app:

One window is ordered in with a shadow; the other is not (that checkbox is unchecked in the nib). Uncheck the box in the shadowed window, and compare it to the never-been-shadowed window.

The test case is SliderWindowAlphaTest 1.1.

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