A caption contest, sort of

2007-02-03 01:51:15 UTC

Sam Javanrouh’s Daily Dose of Imagery brings us this photo of a Windows Vista promotion:

Photo of a “brick” wall made of ice. Through it, we see the Office 2007 logo and a coat hanger on the opposite side.
Exterior shot of an ice house made on Dundas Square to promote the launch of Windows Vista.

So, your task, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a tagline, slogan, or other quick advertisement-style summary that explains how an ice house promotes Windows Vista.

Good luck. I know you’ll need it…

7 Responses to “A caption contest, sort of”

  1. Elliott Harris Says:

    Windows Vista: The ONLY way you’ll use it is if we trap you in an ice house where a computer running Vista as the only source of heat?

  2. arctanx Says:

    Presenting Windows Vista, an operating system that _won’t_ end up cracked when the heat is on.

  3. Peter Hosey Says:

    What’s cooler than being cool?

    Windows Vista.

  4. Scott Stevenson Says:

    I guess this is obvious but I think it’s the glass aspect of the photo that they’re after.

  5. Peter Hosey Says:

    Wasn’t obvious to me. That sounds like as good a theory as any.

    It would introduce a certain obvious joke about the casting of stones, though.

  6. Colin Barrett Says:

    I’m surprised nobody came up with something about freezing.

    Windows Vista: Freezes more than an ice house.

  7. Patrick Gibson Says:

    Even more interesting photos of the (now broken) ice house here:


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