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2006-04-21 23:21:00 UTC

This bug is Xcode: Cocoa Document-Based Application template uses old-style document methods. It was filed on 2006-04-21 at 21:19 PDT.


NSDocument documentation recommends using -readFromData:ofType:error: and -dataOfType:error:, but the project template uses the older methods.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Use the Cocoa Document-Based Application template.

Expected Results:

MyDocument, from the new document, implements -readFromData:ofType:error: and -dataOfType:error:.

Actual Results:

MyDocument implements the deprecated methods -loadDataRepresentation:ofType: and -dataRepresentationOfType:.


Prior to Mac OS X 10.4, this wasn’t a problem, because -loadDataRepresentation:ofType: and -dataRepresentationOfType: were not deprecated.


One could make the argument that the deprecated methods should still be implemented so that the new application is compatible with 10.3.x and earlier. But a new application is not likely to require such compatibility. Also, if this argument is indeed the motivation, then the project should target the 10.3 (or an earlier) SDK.

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