Report-an-Apple-bug Friday! 30

2006-04-14 23:59:00 UTC

This bug is ⌘W and ⌘⌥W close Inspectors too. It was filed on 2006-04-14 at 23:45 PDT.


When the user presses ⌘W, IB will close a floating window if it has focus. When the user presses ⌘⌥W to close all nib windows, IB also closes all of the floating windows.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Press ⌘W or ⌘⌥W.

Expected Results:

The frontmost non-floating window closes, or all non-floating windows and no floating windows close.

Actual Results:

The frontmost window (floating or not) closes, or all windows (including floating windows) close.


None known.


Floating windows in IB are the Palette, the Alignment palette, and the Inspector.

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