How not to retain my business

2006-01-05 01:41:00 UTC

So last night, we had KFC for dinner. We went to a different KFC from the one we usually go to. This didn’t work out so well.

  1. Give me the wrong order

    Part of our order was three crispy strips, chicken only. We got three barbecue strips. Smelled good, but it wasn’t what I ordered.

  2. Give somebody else half their order

    The person who was in line ahead of us ordered two meals—one for him, one for his wife. He got one meal—and an empty plate. How does THAT happen? He complained, and received the second meal that he was owed.

  3. Be apathetic towards customers’ property

    Specifically, their car batteries. I saw that the car next to us had its lights still on. I went in and told them about it. Their response was essentially “So what do you want us to do about it?” I suggested that they could make an announcement or something, but they didn’t seem interested. (Yes, I know I could have made the announcement myself. I thought of this on the way out of the parking lot.)

We shall be going to our usual KFC from now on.

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