vi/vim tutorial for Dvorak

by Peter Hosey

About this document

I found this on digg: vi/vim Graphical Cheat Sheet & Tutorial. As of this writing, it has 1133 diggs.

Like all vi tutorials (and vi itself), it is designed for a QWERTY keyboard. I, on the other hand, use Dvorak. As I said in my comment on the digg page:

I like it, and will print it out. I want one for Dvorak, though…

Maybe I'll make one. Wouldn't be too hard.

I did, indeed, make one.

The original file was in SVG format. I do not have an SVG editor. There's Inkscape, but it requires X11, and my Adobe Illustrator tryout expired already (and I didn't like it, so I didn't buy it).

So I used vim instead. (Well, initially. Once the file got long, I switched to TextWrangler, a GUI text editor.) I wrote the file in PostScript.

First I ported it directly: a clone of the QWERTY version, simply ported to PostScript. Then I added a grayscale version. Then I added the Dvorak layout. Each (or both) of these can be selected using a variable(s) near the top of the PostScript file.

The font sizes are not exact — the placement in the original varied from one key to another (symptom of using a GUI to place them rather than typing in the numbers directly, I think). My version uses the same font size for nearly all the keys, with some fudge factors to reposition large characters. Only the fudged keys (10 of them) have a different size.

The PostScript source file. By default, it is set for the color Dvorak version.
PDF file with the Dvorak layout in color.
PDF file with the Dvorak layout in grayscale.
PDF file with the QWERTY layout in color.
PDF file with the QWERTY layout in grayscale.

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