UTI Property List Helper

A developer tool by Peter Hosey


In Mac OS X 10.3, Apple introduced a new scheme for identifying data types called Uniform Type Identifiers.

One requirement that Mac OS X puts on any application that wants to use these identifiers is that it declare them in its Info.plist—not just in CFBundleDocumentTypes and NSServices, but also in UTImportedTypeDeclarations and UTExpertedTypeDeclarations. Otherwise, Mac OS X 10.4 and later will ignore your application's uses of those UTIs elsewhere in your Info.plist.

This creates a lot of work for you, especially when importing a type declaration. Exporting a new declaration is easy, because it's your type: you can make up whatever you want. But to import a declaration, you must gather information about it and construct the dictionary yourself. This gets tedious, especially for some types (such as image types) that you may import in one application after another.

UTI Property List Helper is an application to solve this problem for you.

The UTI Property List Helper window contains a table view, wherein you enter the UTIs, and two text views: one showing the CFBundleDocumentTypes array, and the other showing the UTImportedTypeDeclarations array.

Simply add types to the list in the upper half of the window, and UTI Property List Helper will automatically update the two arrays in the lower half. When you're done, either select and copy each array's XML text into your Info.plist, or save it to a file.


The application, in a zip archive.
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Mercurial repository

If you want to contribute bug-fixes or enhancements to UTI Property List Helper, the easiest way to do that is to clone the Mercurial repository for UTI Property List Helper. To do this, type this command into a terminal:

hg clone http://boredzo.org/uti-plist-helper/hg UTI-Plist-Helper

I provide UTI Plist Helper—the application, and its source code—under a three-clause BSD license. For more information, see the file named LICENSE.txt that comes with it.

Version history


2008-03-21 http://boredzo.org/uti-plist-helper
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