An app to post Growl notifications when Time Machine starts and finishes backing up


On a stock Mac OS X system, you only know Time Machine is backing up when you hear your back-up disk start churning and see the Time Machine menu extra's icon start spinning.

This app polls the system log looking for messages from Time Machine, and translates them into Growl notifications for back-up started, back-up finished, and back-up canceled. The back-up started notification tells you how long since the last back-up finished, and the other two tell you how long the back-up ran for.

The Time Machine started notification.
The Time Machine finished notification.

Known bugs

At least one user reported that TimeMachineGrowler's initial search of the log took an unknown but very large amount of time. The bug, if indeed there is one, is in the log-searching mechanism of Mac OS X, so there is nothing I can do about it.


The application, in a zip archive.
MD5 hash: a6f9556f22b507c8fb39f7c8d20388fa
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The application, in a zip archive.
MD5 hash: 771f3a0c5dccb332b400293de298218b
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Objective-C source code and an Xcode 3.1 project, in a bzip2ed tarball.
MD5 hash: 5ef73c391fc9430b7ed900d94d19e65e
SHA-1 hash: ec118e598bac98b35ecb829b30787b8c1868b55d
The application, in a zip archive.
MD5 hash: 0c9824d36766b20223c59acc0673f070
SHA-1 hash: 60402d3847103fdc7a53e41b8a73c81a27a744b8
Objective-C source code and an Xcode 3.1 project, in a bzip2ed tarball.
MD5 hash: 350b3997480b862c8c58962aa05089bf
SHA-1 hash: d57df088963d64cceb55fa52971acba6c0282719

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Discussion group

I've created a Google Group where you can report problems and/or receive notifications of updates.

Google Groups

Visit this group


If you want to contribute bug-fixes or enhancements to TimeMachineGrowler, the easiest way to do that is to clone the Git repository on GitHub. See GitHub's help page on this topic.

This project used to be hosted in a Mercurial repository. The old Mercurial repository will never again be updated! It is frozen forever at 1.0.2. If you want to follow changes or contribute changes yourself, follow and/or clone the Git repo.

I provide TimeMachineGrowler—the application, and its source code—under a three-clause BSD license. For more information, see the file named LICENSE.txt that comes with it.

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