A test app for the upcoming resolution-independent world


ShowAllResolutions puts a window on each screen with two pieces of information:

“Resolution from Quartz Display Services: 98.52×96.33 dpi. Resolution from NSScreen: 72 dpi.”

The former information may satisfy your curiosity, if you ever wondered what the real resolution of your monitor is. The latter information will be useful for programmers who use the upcoming resolution-independent Mac OS X.

ShowAllResolutions requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. It will not work on earlier versions of Mac OS X. (It could be made to work on 10.3.9, if somebody is interested enough to submit a patch.)


The application, on a bzip2-compressed UDIF disk image.
128-bit FNV1 hash: 2d9c6cdf1f0e158b0a5776c161b48168
MD5 hash: c97e315a81b0631e059703544ed4e075
SHA-1 hash: 94ab2a90fac4cb43a1a610a8379c630445be4658
Detached PGP (GPG) signature of ShowAllResolutions-1.0.dmg using public key ID C6550423.
128-bit FNV1 hash: 5c04a636b318b5cfeee0966cc8d545e7
MD5 hash: cfcfbba8f3abe9de8fdeafee91624463
SHA-1 hash: 85308c29fef823875c41da3c4e439cc76f1299bf
Objective-C source code and an Xcode 2.4 project, in a bzip2ed tarball.
128-bit FNV1 hash: 6de46d799d8dd25f892e34db735293dc
MD5 hash: 02c5fd9bc578dbd5bfca9e092275e345
SHA-1 hash: a73757161685932b1fab6ca0723acb78552d76cd
Detached PGP (GPG) signature of ShowAllResolutions-1.0-source.tbz using public key ID C6550423.
128-bit FNV1 hash: 1ba1d7639320633bd755ee36eb785373
MD5 hash: 230c6e07f59bd09535859222b8971a68
SHA-1 hash: 03387adf822ac0364ed48edabe8e02c1720c9a33

MD5 and SHA1 signatures were created using the md5sum(1) and sha1sum(1) utilities from GNU coreutils.

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