Safari version of the standard feed icon


Matt Brett created a reproduction of the standard feed icon (now used by Firefox and soon used by IE 7) in a diverse array of formats.

Safari, OTOH, uses a simple “RSS” icon.

Safari's default icon: white text, reading “RSS”, on a blue rounded-rectangle.
Safari's default icon.

New standard feed icon, looking somewhat like radio waves. White on orange.
New standard feed icon.

I'd prefer that it used the standard feed icon. Matt Brett created an implementation which works, but the white part of the icon is drawn off-center. So I created a new version in PostScript, centered perfectly. This also served as my way of learning to do shadings (gradients) in PostScript.

The standard feed icon being displayed in Safari.
The standard feed icon being displayed in Safari.

The file below contains the standard feed icon in a form usable by Safari, with an Installer package for installing it and an Installer package for reverting to Safari's normal icon.

a zip archive that includes all four icons: show and hide, unpressed and pressed. includes instructions (plain text format) and a .url link to Matt Brett's site for the icons.

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