A utility to set a movie's clipping region


qtsetclip is a command-line utility for Mac OS X to create a QuickTime reference movie with a custom clipping region.

It can be used to effectively crop a QuickTime movie before exporting it to the final render. This allows you to use programs like Final Cut Express that only allow certain widths and heights during editing, while still using any resolution in the final output movie.

Please note that qtsetclip creates a reference movie. It does not overwrite the original movie; in fact, deleting the original movie will make the output reference movie not work. You need to keep the original around, at least until you export to a new movie (e.g. using QTAmateur).


An Installer package, on a bzip2-compressed UDIF disk image.
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Detached PGP (GPG) signature of qtsetclip-1.0-source.tbz using public key ID C6550423.
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Version history


2007-04-11 http://boredzo.org/qtsetclip
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