I feel good about Mac open source

by author name

Adium Project

Apple Developer Technical Support

Blackhole Media

Rainer Brockerhoff

Darren Ford

Matt Gemmell

Growl Project

Simon Haertel

Peter Hosey

Alastair Houghton

Daniel Jalkut

M. Uli Kusterer

Andy Matuschak

Mulle kybernetiK

Nisus Software

The Omni Group

Positive Spin Media

Blake Seely

Brent Simmons


Snowmint Creative Solutions

Troy Stephens

Wade Tregaskis

Chad Weider

Jonathan Wight

If you have an idea for code that you think should be listed here, or you know of code that shouldn't be listed here because it has fallen off of the internet, please let me know by email. My email address is on the front page.